Welcome to our Facebook Link Page. We have many Facebook pages related to Elvis, but thats not all we also have Rock n' Roll and Country pages as well. Check what we have to offer and if you wish to be part on any one of our pages contact me thru Facebook chat under the name Lawrence J. Larcombe Sr.
Our Facebook Pages

Elvis Related Pages

Eta Live Productions: Eta Live is our main promotional page. Here we promote such greats as Mark Shelton Eta, Doug Church Eta, amd many more. We do more than just Elvis.
Eta's on Facebook: Newly aquired group page that was abandoned by the former administrators, so i contacted Facebook and the deleted the page. Now that it is reopened under my control all original member are invited to come back and re join.
Eta's on Facebook2: A group that i started after the Eta 1 was abondoned. This group has 1400 members and growing every day. Anyone can join.
Mark Shelton Productions: Mark Shelton Productions is a page that Eta Live is Co-Administrator and Promoter of. Mark Shelton is an award winning Elvis Tribute Artist.
Captain Radical: Mark Shelton created a show that is for family's and kids ( with songs and storys of adventure ), Mark sings Elvis songs and calls himself ( The Pirate King Of Rock n' Roll. )