Trevor Lemon is a man on a mission, with but 1 goal in mind. All Trevor wants is to create an Elvis Tribute Show of his own, to pay a personal tribute to the King Of Rock n' Roll, Elvis.

This page is dedicated to Trevor George Lemon a good friend and Eta. *Hi* my name is Larry i am the owner of this website and numerous Facebook pages such as : Eta's on Facwebook 2 and Eta Live Productions and alot more. There are people that say i don't know what i am talking about, so let me give you just a little history about myself and the Elvis World. 1. I sang backup harmony for an Elvis Tribute Artist in a show called *An Evening With Elvis* for over 15 years. 2. I have been dealing with Eta's for over 25 years. I have Members from all over the world. 3. I was asked by one of the greatest Eta's in the business to be one of his personal promoters, I am talking about the Great Doug Church.
Trevor and his father gave me permission to set the record straight, Trevor is only wanting to create his own Elvis Show, He does his shows for family and friends and as many people that will hire him. There is one thing that the world does not know and it is time to bring it out into the open, You see Trevor has a learning disability and this Elvis Show that he wants to create is basicley the best therapy a person can have. I personally made him an American Eta. I ask that all my Eta friends go to his Facebook page and give him some encoragement in this quest. All Trevor wants ia a small show, He is not out to do big concerts or have large shows, he just wants to be able to do his own personal tribute to Elvis Presley.

In closing i would like to address a situation That has been getting Trevor upset for a long time. There have been messages sent to Trevor stating that if he ever attepted to do a show they would see that it is stopped. It seem the messages came from Northern Ireland, near where Trevor lives. Our policy here at Eta Live Productios is that all Eta's are equal and that we will back all Eta's. All we ask is that the people that sent the messages to Trevor stop sending. I would like to ask all Eta's that see this page to go to Trevors Facebook page and give him some encouragement, and maybe an autographed picture, if you need the address contact me at, it would mean the world to him. To Trevor i say keep up the good work and don't worry, you have the entire American Eta Organizations behind you, and we are here 24/7 if you need our help, You are doing your best and thats good enough for us.